5 Natural Remedies For Headaches


Some of you may not prefer the pharmaceutical medications when you are suffering from a headache, fever, cough and cold and so on. This is a right platform for those who prefer a natural remedy for headache. Here are some effective natural approaches to relieving from headache.

  1. Lemons

Extract one or two spoons of the lemon juice from lemon slices. Mix the extract with a cup of tea. Stir it well and drink the mixture of lemon and tea. This method helps in relieving headache immediately. Instead of throwing the lemon rind, you can make a fine paste and apply the paste to your head.

  1. Bananas

When your headache is caused due to the hangover, banana is the best natural remedy. Lots of potassium and fructose will be lost as soon as you drink alcohol. These substances will be retained when you eat a banana. For other variations, make a banana sandwich with peanut butter, honey and bread. Honey helps to regain fructose and banana helps in retaining potassium, peanut butter will provide Vitamin B.

  1. Ginger

When your headache is escorted by nausea, then ginger will serve as the best remedy to get rid of a headache. Adjacent to treating migraines and headache, ginger serves as a remedy for stomach problems, vomiting, nausea and much more. To relieve yourself from the migraine, consume 3-4 grams of fresh ginger daily.

  1. Cinnamon

If you are suffering from headache due to exposure to cold weather, then the best natural remedy is the intake of cinnamon. Make a paste by mixing the cinnamon powder with water. Apply this paste, onto your forehead and leave it for 15 minutes. Instant relief from the headache can be achieved.

  1. Coriander seeds

It is a remedy taken from the Ayurvedic tradition of India. When your headache is because of sinus problems, then it serves as the best remedy. Into the boiling water, put coriander seeds and inhale the steam obtained from the mixture. This helps in relieving your headache problem very soon.