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5 Anti-Snoring Devices of 2018 That You Can Count On

5 Anti-Snoring Devices of 2018 That You Can Count On

Summary: Snoring is a common phenomenon with various treatment options readily available. Here’s a guide to all of the popular anti-snoring devices that actually work.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is an apnea without a cure. But on the bright side, there are several treatments and anti-snoring devices available on the market. 

How to stop snoring?

In order to stop snoring entirely, you need to make many lifestyle changes. Most of them don’t come easy and depending on your case, it may feel hard at times.

To put an end to this noisy menace, it is very important to narrow down the cause, which also differs for each individual. Once the determination is made, appropriate anti-snoring devices can be used.

Below you will find specific types of snorers who can find some relief by using the anti-snoring devices stated here.

  1. Mouth Snoring

Some people sleep with their mouths open. Due to this, a large amount of air goes through the mouth and into the narrow air passageway causing the uvula to vibrate.

Recommended anti-snoring device: A chin strap that goes around the face would offer great help. It is an effective anti-snoring device that is easily found at every drug store and can be purchased without a doctor’s note.

  1. Tongue Snoring

Probably the least heard among the general population, but it is fairly common, as well. Tongue snoring occurs when the tongue falls back on the air passage. This blocks the orifice and exerts a lot of pressure to push the oxygen through this airway.

Recommended anti-snoring device: A mouth guard to keep your tongue steadily in its place would help you avoid snoring.

  1. Nose Snoring

Even with the mouth closed and tongue in its steady place, snoring can occur through the nose. This may not be as noisy, but it is certainly annoying to your partner. This type of snoring can occur due to a few different reasons, some of the most common ones are if you have a deviated septum or blocked nostrils.

Recommended anti-snoring device: Nose dilators & nasal strips might help with opening the choked nasal air passages.

  1. Throat Snoring

As the name suggests, this type of snoring occurs in the throat and is rather dangerous to the snorer. At times, you may notice an interrupted breathing pattern that puts a lot of pressure on the heart. When the throat experiences a lot of stress, it usually means that it’s not receiving enough oxygen to supply to the lungs. But it also suggests that your brain isn’t receiving oxygen either.

Recommended anti-snoring device: A CPAP machine is generally advised for continuous use that supplies oxygen right to the throat. Due to the continuous positive airway pressure, your heart beats as it should, and your lungs also get regular oxygen supply.

  1. Unhygienic conditions

This situation pertains to almost all of us since dust and pollution are practically everywhere. Dust is a common reason for snoring among adults and children alike.

A Nasal Spray can easily help remedy this situation. By only using it a couple of times per night, you and your partner would enjoy a snore-free sleep.

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