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With the Emergence of smartphones, the taste for high quality technological device have no doubt gone up. More improved phones are released every year. From Samsung to Apple, the competition among this great tech companies seems to be on the rise.

2017 witnessed a tremendous improvement in the quality of phones in terms of camera, Battery life, Storage and many more. We saw phones with higher storage and Android versions flooding the market.

We thought we saw it all, but little did we know that it was just a tip of the iceberg.

With the success recorded in 2017, these tech companies built on that reputation with a better version in 2018. With many improved products flooding the market, it is hard to determine which one is the best.

In this post, we take a look at phones making waves in 2018. This isn’t about their functionality. Our focus is on the phones released in 2018. Don’t be surprised not to find fan favourite – ‘iPhone X’ here.

Samsung Galaxy S9

In the world of Smartphones, Samsung needs no introduction. This tech brand is known for manufacturing Badass Phones with Exceptional features. Samsung Galaxy S9 is no exception.

as “the best Android phone in 2018”, in all honesty, it deserves all the attention is getting. It replicates the design and body build of the S8 but comes with improved features in terms of camera and biometrics.

Aside from it improved Camera quality of 12MP Rear and 8MP back camera, it comes with a battery life of 3,000 mAh. Its storage capacity of 4GB RAM and ROM capacity ranging from 64-256GB allows you store large files.

Security is one aspect that leaves more to be desired when talking about Android phones. Fingerprint scanners have done a better job but don’t compare to what a Face ID offers. Fortunately, this improved Samsung product uses a Face recognition technology for security.

Infinix Hot 6

Perhaps the latest phone of 2018. It is the newest infinix phone in the market and also the most improved. Infinix is one of the most popular smartphone brands in Africa. It presents nice features for the cheap amount (the reason why Africans Love it).

This smartphone brand may not have the same impact as Apple and Samsung, but is already making waves with its new release “the infinix hot 6”

One area infinix products lead is in Battery life. Infinix Hot 6 comes with a battery life of 4,000MAh to support a host of mouthwatering features on display. Aside from this, it runs with an Android version of 8.0 ( the highest for now). It’s storage capacity of 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM can be expanded with 123GB external storage to accommodate more files.

It isn’t lagging behind In its camera department either, with a Dual 13MP+ 2MP back camera, you are one step away from taking Captivating headline-Grabbing pictures.

LG G7 ThinQ

LG may not be the most popular brand in the market, but still release a host of good products every year. It is no secret that most of their products fail to hit the mark on the market. That notwithstanding, their first release in 2018 showed their intent in joining the ‘Big Boys’ in the game of smartphones.

The LG G7  ThinQ sports an iPhone X- like design that captivates users in a way they can’t help but fall in love. One feature that stands out is the speaker. Compared with that of other devices like iPhone x,  Huawei P20 pro and Samsung Galaxy S9 it came out the top.

Like most modern device, it uses an Android version of 8.0 and a better battery life. It doesn’t actually offer much compared with other top phones on this list. LG deserves some credit for finally taking a leap.

Motorola Moto G6

With the success of the Motorola Moto G5 recorded in 2017, there was no better way to follow that up than with the release of the much-improved G6. It comes with a beautiful body design made from Gorilla Glass 3. This replaces the more familiar metallic body we are used to seeing.

The Motorola Moto G6 is the latest in Motorola’s line of G series phones. The phone comes with  5.7- inch screen but it’s 18:9 display helps strike a balance between length and breath. Even though it follows the trend of modern phones with Android Oreo, it’s major drawback is it camera. In an era where Selfie is the order of the day, it photos come out a little disappointing for a phone of it Calibre.

Apart from this, it represents a bargain for it price. It provides more than just fingerprint scanner insecurity. It comes with an additional Face recognition technology in that area.  In addition to having a headphone jack, a USB-C port is also added.

One plus 6

Perhaps the biggest competitor to iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. It is actually the second behind the Galaxy S9 in the line of Android phones.

If you want a phone with Badass Camera that captures every moment like Never before,then One plus 6 is for you. It comes with a lot of appealing features for users to explore. Apart from running on Android 8.1 it sports an amazing body design.

It’s 6.28 inch screen and 19:9 display gives it a gigantic look that complements it’s features. It’s Gorilla V5 body design makes it both scratch and splash resistant.

When it comes to storage, this device is a monster. It processor has a 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM storage. You can’t talk about one plus 6 without mentioning it’s camera. It is one feature that stands out among the rest, and perhaps the reason why it is at same level with the best.

It captures clear images like a digital camera. It is often said that smartphones can’t take colourful photos like digital cameras, but with one plus 6, digital cameras have something to contend with. It’s 16 and 20MP Dual camera set up takes it on par with most high quality digital cameras.



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